Our Offer

We are there for you in case of bereavement.

Contact us. We advise you about the different possibilities to say goodbye to your pet in dignity. Please decide if you want to bring your pet to us yourself or if one of our employees should pick up it up. In a personal consultation we take time for you, will explain to you all open questions and make an appointment for the cremation or burial.

Around the clock you can reach us on the following number: +43 (0)1 – 523 46 79.

The Wiener Tierkrematorium offers you two ways of cremation for your deceased pet: the individual or the simple cremation.

Pick up service

Around the clock our employees are prepared to pick up your deceased pet from your home or from the veterinarian. Alternatively, during the opening times you can bring it yourself to our premises in 1110 Wien Alberner Hafenzufahrtsstraße 8. The opening hours are Monday – Thursday, 8.00-15.45 o’clock and on Friday, 8.00-12.45 o’clock.

Your deceased pet does not come into contact with other animals. After picking up your pet is kept separately in a cold room till the cremation.

Abholservice mit eigenen Fahrzeugen

Cremation Coffin

The cremation takes place at a temperature of 750 degrees Celsius. To ensure that the body of your pet does not come into direct contact with the flames, the cremation is carried out exclusively in a coffin made of cardboard.

Individual cremation

At the individual cremation each animal is cremated singly. Before the cremation you have the opportunity to say goodbye to your favorite unhurriedly. Afterwards you can take the ashes with you, either in one of our urns or in a vessel brought from home. The individual cremation guarantees that you get only the ashes of your pet.

On request we will deliver the urn to your home or to the pet cemetery Vienna (Tierfriedhof Wien), where you can entomb it in the urn wall or in an urn grave.

Simple Cremation

In contrast to the individual cremation, at the simple cremation several animals are cremated together. The owner has neither possibility to say goodbye before nor to be present during the cremation.

All animals that are cremated by simple cremation are entombed in a common urn at the pet cemetery Vienna (Tierfriedhof Wien, 1110 Wien, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 339A).

Bereavement room

Before each individual cremation you can take your time to say goodbye to your favorite in our bereavement room. At the same time you can assure yourself that your pet is cremated individually.

At the simple cremation the bereavement room is not available.