About us

Founded in 1992 the Wiener Tierkrematorium GmbH can refer to many years of experience with the dignified farewell when it is time to say goodbye to the beloved, deceased pet. Thousands of contented customers have used our services up to now.

Together with our long-standing partners we constantly improve and expand our services. A few years ago we inaugurated our new operational site in Simmering. In addition, we co-operate closely with Tierfriedhof Wien GmbH, the animal cemetery of Vienna which started operation in 2011. We are now able to offer our customers a common point of contact for all questions concerning deceased pets.

Associate partner

Shareholders of Wiener Tierkrematorium GmbH are

  • die REIWAG Facility Services GmbH (51%),
  • die B&F Wien – Bestattung und Friedhöfe GmbH (49 %)


Press Office

With pleasure we answer all media inquiries to the animal crematory in Vienna (Wiener Tierkrematorium GmbH).


Melanie Wachter 

Tel.: 01/523 93 00 – 104
Fax: 01/526 17 05
E-mail: wachter@reiwag.at